Photographers: Bob, Cooper, Daffy, Jenna, Maureen, Oggie

Facilitator: Rebecca Marr


About the project

We began by looking at the work of photographer Gunnie Moberg. Gunnie worked with George Mackay Brown, the poet and the photographer collaborated on publications. Gunnie is interwoven with the St Magnus Festival as photographer in residence over many years, documenting the visiting artists and writers as well as photographing her friends George and Max, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.

Each week we would look at her photographs and explore themes within her work. The group would then make photographs in response to Gunnie’s work and the themes of circles; sea and shore; the spaces in between things; garden and verge. We met weekly on line to review the work made in response and revisit Gunnie’s work.

What emerged from the group’s responses was an overarching theme of observing the overlooked and a curiosity for the ordinary. The act of photographing made these everyday observations extraordinary, isolating and elevating small moments.

We returned to Gunnie Moberg’s quote: “I photograph things I want to look at a little longer”. We hope you enjoy spending a little longer with these moments.

Rebecca Marr, Artist


We started the photography workshop during Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme this year was nature and the environment. I think it was very fitting for the themes we explored, this photography workshop has allowed us to be mindful, take in our surroundings, notice simple pleasures and find beauty in what's around us. Over the past five weeks, we have ventured outside, gone outside our comfort zones, grown in confidence, all while having fun. Women’s Aid Orkney will carry on this group and continue to find the magic in our normal day.

Morgan Maxton, Women’s Aid Service Co-ordinator