The Storm Watchers

Pre-Recorded Film


The Storm Watchers

Film Duration: 40 mins


Director                 Gerda Stevenson

Film Editor            James Alcock

Sound Designer  Rob MacNeacail

Music                     Alasdair Nicolson


Additional filming

Fionn McArthur [Startpoint Media]


Cast                       Ann McTaggart

                               Iona MacLeod

                               Holly Sonabend

                               Vera Butler

                               Cally Bevan

                               Lorraine Giles

                               Dawn Copland

                               Eleanor Dean

                               Jane Partridge

                               Phyllis McLaughlin

                               Mike Partridge

                               Michael McLaughlin






The play The Storm Watchers was originally written as a short piece to be part of a pageant in the late Sixites in Stromness.  The work was later performed in its own right with some additions.  A powerful and poetic piece, the drama presents the lives, anxieties, regrets, fears and memories of women as they they deal with the waiting and the aftermath of a storm with all their men at sea.  Filmed in lockdown in Orkney this project has involved technology, remote rehearsal, mobile phone cameras and much more besides.  In this year of Mackay Brown's 100th birthday, it brings to life one of his early but also most powerful pieces of theatre.

The creation of this film has been a triumph over difficult times with complex methods where the usual way would be simplicity itself.    Filming has been done personally by many performers or by their partners and homes, garages and beaches have become film sets.    Many have contributed to the end product and the Festival would like to pay tribute and thank all those named and un-named in the success of this project.

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