Fiddlers at the Harvest Home - The Poem

Pre-Recorded Film


Fiddlers at the Harvest Home - The Poem

Film Duration: 5 mins



Vera Butler  Reader


Filmed and Edited by Fionn McArthur

[Startpoint Media]

Vera Butler reads the complete poem Fiddlers at the Harvest Home in the surroundings of Barony Mill.  As the poems is about harvest celebrations, and three of its verses refer to stone, corn and wheels this seemed an appropriate setting. The “Barony” is an area of good farmland in the northwest corner of Birsay in the West Mainland near the Earl’s Palace.  Birsay is one of the historic hearts of Orkney's history and features in the story of St Magnus . The land here has been a prime estate of the rulers of Orkney since medieval times, and probably Viking times and earlier.

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